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Office Ergonomics

Today's modern worker spends a great deal of time sitting at a workstation, and is exposed to serious and sometimes debilitating injuries due to the unnatural and repetitive nature of their work. One of the greatest oversights when working with computers is the limited information about how to properly position oneself. Proper positioning of the fingers, hands, arms, wrists, neck, shoulders, and back is imperative in order to prevent office injuries. This is where the field of Office Ergonomics and ergonomic products, Ergoware, come into play.

The number of office workers who suffer from injuries, such as fatigue,tingling, or numbness of the hands and wrists has dramatically increased because of poor office equipment and improper workstations. A properly set up workstation with ergonomic office products may be the easiest way to prevent injuries. For example, setting the proper keyboard angle and height, as well as proper computer monitor height and angle may play a huge part in minimizing office injuries related to improper workstations.

The solution is Ergoware: "Ergonomic office products for comfort & productivity." Office ergonomics and ergonomic products provide comfort and help prevent injuries. Ergoware provides several innovative ergonomic products including ergonomic keyboard trays, laptop privacy screens, computer privacy filters,computer monitor arms, computer monitor stands,and monitor holders that will provide comfort and prevent injuries. Through Ergoware, you can upgrade your office, workstation, and computer equipment with state of the art ergonomic office products.

Keyboard Trays

An integral component of any computer workstation is the keyboard and mouse. While a variety of keyboard and mice designs have been available for years, they have failed in themselves to fully address the need for proper hand, wrist, and arm placement. For example, the main problem with the design of the conventional computer keyboard is that people bend their hands to the side when typing on the keyboard, which can be detrimental to the arms, wrists, fingers, and hands.

While ergonomic keyboards & mice designs have addressed this issue to some degree, the keyboard tray with its height and angle adjustability has proven to be one of the most effective ergonomic office products. One common mistake is typing on a keyboard placed on the desk surface. Because a person's desk generally cannot be adjusted or positioned to the proper height or angle, the user's muscles are placed in inappropriate positions for long periods of time, which can result in neck, shoulder, back, arm, hand, and wrist pain.

One way to keep hands as straight and flat as possible is to use an ergonomic keyboard tray, which will allow better keyboard positioning. We have a number ofcomputer keyboard trays available, including platforms with mouse trays, wide platforms w/o mouse trays, platforms for natural style keyboards, and sit & stand systems. These adjustable keyboard trays attempt to address one or more of the known risk factors that contribute to common office-related injuries, including fatigue, discomfort, and hand and arm ailments such as sore wrists and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. When choosing a keyboard tray, one should be concerned with enhancing comfort and preventing injuries. It is imperative to position and use your keyboard properly to prevent injuries and other common risk factors such as poor posture, repetitive stress injuries, sustained static exertions, and mechanical stresses. To help prevent such injuries and risk factors the ideal solution is the use of an ergonomic keyboard tray. Ergonomic keyboard trays help prevent and/or minimize injuries related to working at a computer workstation. Continuous typing on an improperly positioned keyboard can lead to short-term injuries such as wrist pain or long-term injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Ergonomic keyboard trays allow a person to set the height and angle of the keyboard tray to the person's ideal position, ultimately allowing posture change and enhancing comfort. The trays also allow a better viewing arrangement by moving the person back from their computer screen. Studies show the best height for a person's keyboard is generally about at elbow height. A keyboard tray should adjust so the keyboard is approximately at the same angle as the person's forearm. Ergonomic keyboard trays are ideal for these height and angle adjustments. Other common names when searching for an ergonomic keyboard tray include the terms "keyword drawer" or"keyboard shelf".

Ergonomic Products

Along with proper keyboard placement through the use of keyboard trays, one must be mindful of their computer monitor placement. If not positioned correctly, your computer monitor can cause neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, and eye strain. computer monitor arms, Computer monitor stands, and monitor holders are among the best ergonomic products that can help enable proper positioning of your monitor. Ergoware's ergonomic products help solve the problems caused by poorly positioned computer monitors.

Benefits of computer monitor stands and computer monitor arms include freeing up the work surface under the computer monitor, allowing forward-back and/or up-down movement of the monitor to accompany posture changes, comfort, and fit different users. Additionally, computer monitor arms and stands allow you to experiment with monitor height and angle to try a number of different positions to prevent neck, back, and shoulder discomfort. Monitor arms, stands, and holders generally allow you to rotate, move, and elevate your computer monitor for efficiency, comfort, and injury prevention. Maintaining good posture when using a computer is critical in preventing injuries associated with computer use. We recommend using a monitor arm to place the computer monitor at the idea height and angle for your workstation.

Other Ergonomic Office Products
While keyboard trays and monitor arms are very important and functional ergonomic office products, we carry a comprehensive selection of top brand ergonomic office products for every need. Additional categories of products include laptop products, computer privacy filters, task lighting, CPU holders, document holders, telephone products, ergonomic workstations and ergonomic office chairs.

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