Omero MA-2000 Dual Flat Panel Monitor Arm

Our Lowest Priced Dual Monitor Arm!
The MA-2000 Omero Dual?monitor arm allows two monitors to extend, retract, and provide height adjustment, allowing users to change postures regularly.? With?a sleek design, the MA-2000 Omero Dual?creates a neat appearance for any work surface. The height adjustment allows the monitor to be lowered to the worksurface height and raised to 19.5".? Includes a?built-in cord manager that keeps the monitor cables stored out of sight.? Available with?Grommet Mount or Clamp Mount and two arm lengths.

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Ergoware Price: $299.88

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NOTE: The MA-2000 Omero is available in configurations supporting up to six monitors. Please call Customer Service at 888-ERGOWARE (374-6927) for details.

  • Mounts two flat panel monitors to pole.
  • Two arms options for?17.5" to 24.5 of of depth adjustment.?
  • Built-in cord management.
  • Monitor arms have multiple joints that allow users to easily extend, tilt, and rotate the monitor to the optimum viewing position.
  • Provides height adjustment with built-in lever.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Finished in attractive silver powdercoat.
  • Available?with Clamp or Grommet Mount.


  • Supports both 75mm and 100mm VESA standard.
  • Two arms options:
    • Short Link single arm with 17.5" of depth adjustment.?
    • Long Link dual-arm?arm with 24.5"?of depth adjustment.
  • Supports two monitors weighing up a combined weight of?35.25 lbs.
  • Pivots monitor up and down 190?.
  • Depth adjustment of up to 23.5" in front of mount point.
  • Height adjustment up to 19.5" above desk to center of monitor.?
  • Clamp mount supports desks up to 4" thick.
  • Made of diecast aluminum alloy and steel.

MA2003 Flat Panel Monitor Arm Brochure

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The top menu bars on the screen should be positioned at or slightly below eye level. You may have to adjust your chair height slightly. TIP: If you wear bifocals you may have to lower the monitor a few inches. You may also have to lower the the monitor so that the viewing area is about 3" above eye level if you use a 20" or larger monitor.

Tilt the top of the monitor slightly away from you so that the base is slightly closer than the top. TIP: Tilting the screen back too far may cause glare from overhead lighting.

Assuming that your workspace has adequate lighting, adjust your monitor brightness so that it is about the same as the area behind it. Differences in brightness between your monitor and the surrounding area can be a source of eye fatigue and headaches.

Glare / Reflections:
Glare can cause headaches, eye strain, and fatigue. While staying within the height and tilt guidelines try to adjust your monitor to reduce glare. If you cannot accomplish a comfortable viewing screen, consider purchasing a glare screen.

As a guideline, position the monitor at arm's length. If you are near or far-sighted, position the monitor slightly closer or farther so that you can easily view the characters on the screen without having to lean forward. TIP: The monitor arm can be moved closer to you when computing and easily pushed back when more workspace is required for writing or referencing documents. This will enable both proper positioning for computing tasks and add needed desk space when the computer is not in use.

The monitor should be centered with the mid-line of your body to minimize neck and torso rotation. Center the monitor with the keyboard, so that the monitor, the keyboard and you are all in alignment. The "H" key can be used as a center point to assist in proper centering of the keyboard and monitor.

Take Breaks!
Be sure to give your eyes frequent breaks by looking at least 20 feet away. This helps relax your eye muscles and allows your eyes to re-focus.

For further helpful information please visit our ERGOresources Center.

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