Vision Vu Document Holders

Vu-Ryte's newly designed Vision Vu line offer full size document support in widths of 14 or 18 inches. They are fabulous in the vertical position (between the keyboard and monitor) OR in the horizontal position to the monitor. They are both adjustable in angle and height.

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Features & Specifications:

  • Easel 14" wide, Graphite tint easel
  • Supports books; papers up to 200 pages
  • Height and Angle Adjustable
  • Does not adjust monitor height
  • Can be placed to side of monitor or as "stand-alone" in any location
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Don?t Put Documents Flat on Your Desk While Referencing Them
Documents positioned flat on the desktop, or too far from the monitor, may require awkward head postures or frequent movements of the head and neck to look from the monitor to a document. Those awkward postures can lead to muscle fatigue and discomfort of the head, neck, and shoulders.

Position Document Holder Properly
Place a document holder inline between the keyboard tray and the monitor, aligned with your body midline, so that you can look down slightly to see the source document and then easily raise your eyes to see the screen. If unable to use an inline document holder, use a free-standing or screen-mounted one placed adjacent to the screen as closely as possible.

Screen-Mounted / Free-standing Document Holder Position
If using a screen-mounted or free-standing document holder, position it to the side of the screen that is your dominant eye (if known). Place the document holder at about the same height and distance as the screen. Angle the holder back slightly so that it matches the angle of the screen.

Ensure That You Have Adequate Lighting
If you are having difficulty reading the source documents due to inadequate lighting, consider positioning a Task Light over the document holder. Try to position it so that it does not create glare against the source document.

Laptop Users
If you are using a laptop on your desk as your primary computing device, consider placing it in a laptop holder with a built-in document holder, such as Humanscale?s L2 Notebook Manager. Note that this will also help you to elevate the laptop?s screen to an adequate level. This will also require you to use a separate keyboard, which is ergonomically preferable to using the embedded laptop keyboard for long periods of time.

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